Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

Dr. Shane Eric Smith, D.C.

Dr. Shane grew up Prior Lake, MN with his parents, sister and two brothers. When he is not working with patients, he likes being in the great outdoors – camping, hiking, climbing and skiing.

My Chiropractic Story

As a second-generation chiropractor, I grew up with chiropractic being the primary source of health care in my life; therefore, I’ve always taken my access to care for granted. I still remember being my mom’s adjustment “guniea pig” while she went through chiropractic school! Now that I have followed in her footsteps, I want help as many people as possible lead a healthier and more fulfilled life.

AlexV_Mar15_IMG_8267tu_LgTrueYou Training & Wellness

Alex Vandeputte (NASM CPT, CES, PES)

Alex is a NASM certified personal trainer focusing on corrective exercise, functional strength coaching & personal transformation. Transformation goes far beyond the traditional aesthetics goals of training and wellness and reaches toward each individual being his or her truest self, both inside and out. Her philosophy is that three circles of goals must meet – aesthetics/appearance, lifestyle, and performance/athleticism. Alex brings a unique spirit and creativity to the world of wellness. By incorporating fun, fresh modalities and having a unique program for each individual, Alex helps patients and clients to find their “True You”.